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Adventures Of Froghead. Adventures Of Froghead.

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

You need to check to make sure that all your areas on the ground as far as clipping and collision are sewn up. I have fallen into a null zone of sorts after the first jumps and instead of dying I just stayed there, wasn't visible and could only go left and right... no jump. Adding an option for muting the music would be nice.

Lost-Head-Studio responds:

Good idea with the mute music, unfortunately though the falling problem comes from the browser you used because it is all sewn up on the games end. Instead of just going left and right you could have hit the menu button and restarted the level though?

I assume you weren't getting a smooth performance while playing.. Its starting to get better but Chrome is still the best browser to play html5 games currently.

It hurts to get a poor review because of this but thanks for the feedback anyway.