Just released my new album, "Sinister: The Music of Doom"!

2016-01-30 21:25:05 by JadeArcade


Just released my 22 track album, "Sinister: The Music of Doom".

From shareware to full retail, I have spent many hours wading knee deep in the dead in the world of Doom! First the graphics hit me and then the music... that lovely, grinding score composed by Bobby Prince. I hope you enjoy the demons I've conjured here. :D

All music performed, produced and arranged by Jade Arcade All Album art by Jade Arcade

www.jadearcade.com www.facebook.com/thejadearcade www.jadearcadedesigns.com

Performed, arranged and produced by Jade Arcade
If you want more you can get it at: https://loudr.fm/release/sinister-the-music-of-doom/5aPDU
My other work at Loudr: https://loudr.fm/artist/jade-arcade/nHXbE
Album cover art by Jade Arcade


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