New toon of Bats n Supes

2015-07-26 02:43:20 by JadeArcade

What's up everybody? The second... possibly last, of the Batman V Superman trailer parodies is up now! Click HERE to gander it. :)


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2015-07-26 06:41:38



2015-09-22 10:31:26

just wanted to say , i like your style . i don't comment on a lot of other peeps work but every once in a while there is someone that catches my eye and i feel a need to give them a big ( thumbs up ) . So . keep up the GREAT work and i look forward to checking out more of your work.

JadeArcade responds:

Thank you very much! I must say that this made my week. :) I have tons of series, music and animated shorts in various stages of production. Although late for 2015, busy year, what's left of it will be jam-packed with new stuff! Thank you for watching! :D